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Heart of Worship believes and supports the childcare parents by helping to create and maintain a desire in the children learn about God and the things that are pleasing to him.


Li’l Hearts and Hands Christian Learning Center has been in operation since May 2009. We provide care for infants through four years old and after-school care for children age five through 11. We feel the policies and procedures that we have put in place are in the best interest of the children enrolled in our center.

The program is under the supervision of the Director and is a Class “A” Licensed ChildCareFacility. Wehavebeenapprovedforoperationthroughthestatelicensing, health department and the fire-marshal.

Our staff is trained according to the guidelines set forth by the State of Louisiana Department of Social Services and possesses the knowledge necessary to the development of the children.

Our classrooms are determined by age and developmental levels. Advancement from one class to another are determined by available openings, birth dates and development of the individual children. Our main class changes will be made in June and August so the children can adjust to the new class before the fall curriculum startsinSeptember. 

Children may however, be moved by the director from one class to another as openings in various classrooms occur. The curriculum
we use is based on the developmental stages of the children.


The center opens at 6:00 A.M. And closes at 6:00 P.M., Monday thru Friday.
We will follow the Rapides Parish School closures due to severe weather conditions.


     New Years Eve          Independence Day           Good Friday          Thanksgiving Day                       Christmas Eve

    New Years Day           Labor Day                         Memorial Day         Friday after Thanks giving        Christmas Day

If the holiday falls on a weekend, the holiday will be the Friday prior or the Monday after. In this case the parents will be given prior notice of the closing dates.

All classes will have outdoor playtime each day,unless the temperature is below 45 degrees or weather prohibits outdoor play.

Bible stories, songs and prayer are a very important part of our day.


Registration Fees are non refundable.
Registration fee for infants and one year olds is $75.00 Registration fee for two years old and above is $150.00 Due annually

Infants (6 wks-12 Months)               Tuition $115.00 (Per Week)

Ones to Five Year Olds                    Tuition $100.00 (Per Week)

After School Children                      Tuition $45.00 (per Week)

Before and After School Children   Tuition $55.00 (Per Week)

Payments are due in advance on Friday for the upcoming week. A late fee of $10.00 per day will be applied to any account not paid by 6:00 P.M. on Monday Afternoon.

Any account more than one week past due will result in loss of child care till the account is caught up.

There is no discount given for days missed except for your annual credit of one week vacation to be used as described as below

Each child may receive credit for one weeks tuition (Monday-Friday)
If the child is absent for that week. And has been enrolled in the center For 1 year. This credit may be taken once per year.

There is no reduced tuition if we are closed due to no fault of our own. Ex: Weather-CommunityElectrical Problems- Gas Leaks.


Admissions Policy
Children may be admitted once the initial interview is completed. Enrollment card and contract returned 

Shot records are required.

The child is unable to adapt to our program.
Fees have not been paid.
Policies are not followed.
If it becomes necessary for you to remove your child from our program, we expect a two week notice prior to removal or two weeks tuition for that period. If it becomes necessary for us to dismiss your child from our program, please remember that Registration fees are non-refundable fees. Your child will not be eligible for future enrollment.

If a child leaves the child care due to the parents becoming unhappy with the program, that child will not be eligible for future enrollment in any part of our program.

Child Information Records
Parents will be required to complete several forms upon enrollment of their child. The records will be kept in the Child Care Office.
Immunization Records are required before your child can be in attendance at the center. Parents are responsible for updating any changes.

Pick up and drop off
An adult will need to pick up and drop off your child. You will need to document the arrival time each morning on the Daily In and Out Log. When your child is picked up you will need to document the time out on the log and sign out with your first and last name.
Please escort your child to their room. Do not allow them to go alone. This includes school age children. Several parents may arrive at the same time for pick up, please make sure the teacher has acknowledged that you are calling for your child and that you have documented the sign out log. Your child will be released only to persons authorized by you in writing.

A photo Id will be required of persons picking up your child.

Clothes and Shoes
Please dress your child in clothing suitable for play and for the weather. Twos set of extra clothing are to be at the center in case of emergency. It is the parents responsibility to label their child’s clothing.

Please remember that these will need to be changed out for the appropriate season.
Coats and jackets are to be labeled.
Rubber soles shoes are to be worn at the center.
Sandals are often a cause for falls for children. They are not appropriate for the playground and equipment. Flip flops and boots are not allowed.

Diapering and Potty Training
Disposable diapers are required. We also ask that snap bottom clothing be worn. This will help make diaperchanging easier.

When potty training is started pull-ups are required. Please bring your child to the center in pull-ups. Potty training will not begin till your child is in the two year old classroom. Your child will not promote to the next level till the potty training is complete.
Potty training requires that the parents and center work together at home and at school. Please do not expect us to potty train if you are not willing to participate at home. Please do not bring your child to the center in diapers and expect teachers to use pull-up at daycare. This is confusing to the child.

YOUR CHILD IS NOT ALLOWED TO BRING PERSONAL TOYS INTO THE CENTER. We provided toys and other educational equipment in each room. Please do not allow your child to bring in a toy and then expect the teacher to take the toy away. This needs to be addresses before entering the center.

Meals will be provided daily by the center. Breakfast, Lunch and snack. Weekly menus will be posted. Your child may not bring food into the center. This is a violation of licensing regulations. Exceptions to this rule are as follows: A) Physician’s statement for Diet Requirements. B)Infantformulaandwater-allbottlesandcapsaretobelabeledwiththechild’sname. Nobottlewithout a cap will be accepted.
C) No food can be brought into the center except when it is to be shared with the entire class and prior approval has been obtained from the teacher and the office. Parties will be held during afternoon snack time.

Health and Wellness
If your child becomes sick while at the center you will be contacted and asked to pick up your child within the hour.

A child sent home due to illness is to be kept at home until they are free from illness for 24 hours or has a written excuse from the child’s physician to return to the center. Your child will be sent home if a fever of 100.5 or higher is discovered, if your child has 2 or more diarrhea diapers or any unexplained rash they will be sent home and will not be allowed to return till they have a doctors excuse letting us know they are not contagious.

Medication will be administered by the child care staff provided the following guidelines are completed by the parent.
1st Must have statement from Physician stating dosage.
2nd First dosage must be given by parents at home.
3rd The medication must come in original package and have your Child’s name on the label with the correct dosage.
4th We will only administer medication that cannot be given at Home. EX: Give after Breakfast-This can be done at home.

Ex- Give twice a day - This can be done at home. 5th All forms must be completed before medication can be

6th The pharmacy statement must accompany the medication. All of these steps must be completed no exceptions.

If medication is administered by the parent at the center the necessary forms must be completed as required by licensing.

Topical ointments will be applied after we have received a onetime authorization from the parent. (EX: sun screen, diaper rash, insect repellent.)

Rest Time
Please provide your child with a personal blankets and pillow to be left at the center, sent home weekly

to be cleaned. Please do not bring your child to the center during rest time. It is very important that rest time be uninterrupted for the other children.

Seasonal parties will be celebrated in the twos-Pre-K classes. Infant, Crawlers and Toddler classrooms will

not have parties.

We will not give out any hard candy to the children, please remember this when you are signing up to bring treats.

Birthdays will be celebrated during the afternoon snack time if the parent wishes to make arrangements. Please confirm plans in advance with the teacher and the office.

Invitations will be sent home only if invitations are sent to each child in the classroom.

All visitors to the center will be required to sign in and out with the office.

Classroom photographs may be taken as children participate in various activities. Parents may take pictures during special events such as holiday parties and birthdays. The church may take some photos to use within church programs. No photographs will be released to the public without special permission from the parents.

Water Play
We will have some water play activities such as, sprinkler play, beach day, and wading pool day. We will be measuring and pouring water and discovering things about the underwater world.

Child Custody
The center has no legal authority to refuse either parent the right to pick up their child. In cases where custody has been granted to one parent or a third party , the child care center must have a copy bearing the courts signature.

If you have any questions or complaints regarding any of the rules or any significant complaints, please contact:
Department of Social Services (225) 922-0015
Bureau of Licensing -P.O. Box 3078 Baton Rouge, LA 70821

Each child is required to follow all guidance from the staff. This includes teachers, floaters, van drivers and administrative staff.

Each child is required to be respectful to all the other children.

Inappropriate language is unacceptable. (Profane language, sexual comments, racial comments). Disruption of daily classroom activities by a child is unacceptable.

Aggressive physical behavior toward any child or staff is unacceptable.

Sexual misconduct or gestures by children are prohibited.

Corrective procedures will be as follows:
1st Offense: A verbal warning will be given to the child after the Director and teacher have discussed the problem. A written statement will be sent to the parents regarding the incident.
2nd Offense: Parents will be called in for a conference concerning the behavior.
3rd Offense: The child will be dismissed from the center.

Discipline Procedures
Positive guidance
Re- direction
Time - Out
Classroom rules will be clearly communicated to the child. This will enable the child to become self-disciplined. Staff will be consistent in communicating class rules. Aggressive physical behavior toward staff or other children is unacceptable. Teachers will intervene if a child becomes physically aggressive. At the directors discretion parents may be called to the center if such behavior continues.

Prohibited Discipline Methods
Physical punishment
Corporal punishment (hitting, spanking, beating, shaking, pinching or and other measure that produces physical

Verbal abuse or threats.
Cruel, severe, unusual or unnecessary punishment.
Derogatory remarks.
Children disciplining other children.
Withdrawal or threat of withdrawal of food, rest or bathroom privileges.

Open Door
We encourage our parents to take an active role in our center. We value your input and want you to 
know that what you say is very important to the staff. We want you and your child to be happy . Please take advantage of our open door policy.

Information concerning your child and your family will be kept confidential. Employees shall not disclose or knowingly permit the disclosure of any information concerning the child or the family directly or indirectly, to any unauthorized person. All records are the property of Li’l Hearts and Hands Christian Learning Center and shall remain in the office. Employees must receive permission to review their files. Any unauthorized tampering or use will result in immediate dismissal.

Reports of mistreatment of children coming to the attention of our staff will be reported to the CHILD

PROTECTION AGENCY at (318)487-5116. Any suspected abuse or neglect of a childa ttending a childcare center must be reported in accordance with Louisiana Revised Statutes 14:403.

Li’l Hearts and Hands does not discriminate against any child. We will not deny admission to any child based on race, creed, color, national origin, sex, handicapping condition, ancestry or whether the child is being breastfed is prohibited. Any child with a physical or mental handicap that requires additional services will be required additional fees. Children are accepted 6 weeks to 5 Years of age.

Biting Policy
Biting is a concern for all childcare centers. Understanding and support for the children, parents and teachers is very important.
Anytime a child is bitten the injury will immediately evaluated and treated by cleaning and disinfecting the area, applying ice [packs if needed. A bite note will be sent home at the end of the day to the parent of the child that was bitten and the parent of the child who bit. Parents are not contacted unless the bite is severe enough to have broken the skin.If a child continues to bite other children, the parent may be called in for a conference with the director. 
Parents are never to direct discussions of their child being bitten to another child in the classroom. TEACHERS AND THE DIRECTOR ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR TAKING CARE OF THESE SITUATIONS. Parents are not given the name of the “Biter”. Dismissal for biting will be made on a case by case basis.

We will participate in VBS in the summer and other church related programs as they become available.

Evacuation Policy
If for any reason Li’l Hearts and Hands has to evacuate the local area, we have made arrangements with

You may contact the Office of Emergency Preparedness for further

Information.(318) 445-5141

Parent Teacher Conferences
Parents may be requested to attend a conference concerning their child. Please take advantage of this to
time to voice any concerns that you may have. Please do not expect to just “drop in” for a conference when the teacher has responsibility for the classroom.

Parental Conduct Guidelines
We reserve the right to dismiss a child based upon the inappropriate conduct of the Parents/Guardian. Abusive or profane language spoken or written to employees of the center. Disrespectful attitudes expressed toward the child care employees. Outburst of anger directed toward child care employees. Reprimanding any child other than the parent’s own.

How to Express Concern about Your Child’s Care
Request a conference time with your child’s teacher. This request should be made through the office.
If the teacher conference does not result in your concern being properly addressed, please write down your concern and submit it to the Child Care Director. Request a Conference with the Director at a time suitable to both the parent and the Director.
If your concerns are not handled to your satisfaction after you have completed the above steps, please contact the Directors’ supervisor at Heart of Worship church. The supervisor from Heart of Worship and the Director will meet with you and try to resolve the concerns.

All transportation conforms to the state law including seat belts and child restraints.
At least two staff, one of which may be the driver, shall be in attendance. There must be a communication devise and child staff ration must be met in vehicle. At least one staff in the vehicle shall be currently certified in CPR/1st Aid. Direct supervision will be maintained at all times. The driver or attendant shall not leave the children unattended in the vehicle at any time while transporting the children.
Every child will board and leave the vehicle from the curbside of the street or safely escorted across the street.
Every child shall be release only to the persons authorized in writing by the parent. Children will be released to authorized center employees upon return from trip. Control will be maintained in the vehicle at all times. The vehicle will be checked upon completion of each trip to ensure that no child is left unattended in the vehicle. Tobacco use in any form, alcohol use and possession of illegal substances or unauthorized potentially toxic substances,pellet or BB guns(loaded or unloaded) in any vehicle while transporting children are prohibited. No child shall be transported in the back of a pickup truck. Capacity of the vehicle shall not be exceeded.
Insurance coverage shall be maintained as required by law.

Driver shall hold a valid Louisiana drivers license. Master transportation list will include the name of the child, pick-up point and authorized persons to whom the child shall be released. This log shall be kept in the vehicle at all times
Daily transportation records shall be kept. Identifying information shall be kept listing the name of the center, address, phone number and the name of the director. This will be posted in the vehicle. First Aid supplies shall be available. Regular maintenance of vehicle shall be maintained. Planned routes shall be provided to the driver and maintained in the center.

Li’l Heart and Hands Christian Learning Center